10 Signs That Your Personal Injury Case Has Merit

Are you the victim of an incident or dispute that could have a chance to stand in court? Don’t let your fear of being told that your case doesn’t have merit stop you from trying, because you never know… For instance, one Ontario man thought that his case wouldn’t stand a chance in court. Little did he know that he had more than enough information and evidence to support his claim, not to mention that his case absolutely had merit. See, even though he was bitten by a dog over 30 days prior, this man had the owner’s information, pictures of the bite, and even a doctor’s note that recommended a few days off of work to recover.

Ontario Lawyers Want You to Know About These Signs That Your Case Might Have Merit

Believe it or not, many victims of dog bites, motorcycle accidents and work accidents just assume that their case has no merit and won’t have a positive outcome in court – without even consulting a legal team!

1. The Kind of Case

There are many different kinds of cases. The kind of case that you have may determine the legitimacy. If your case involves a car accident, work accident, dog bite, motorcycle accident, slip and fall, or an immigration dispute, it may have merit.

There are many different kinds of cases. The kind of case that you have may determine the legitimacy.

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2. When It Happened

Did your accident happen within the last: 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, 12 months, 2 years, or 5+ years? The timeline of your case and how long ago it happened may validate or invalidate its merit.

3. Your Injury

The classification of your injury type may have an impact on the merit it has in the courtroom. Some of the different kinds of injuries can include catastrophic injury, brain injury and spinal cord injury.

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4. Are you working?

Did you have to take time away from work following your injury? If you lost wages, lost your job or had your employment affected in any way, your case may have merit.

5. Are you unionized?

If you are part of a union, you may have a higher chance of a positive outcome from a personal injury case.

6. Do you have a lawyer?

The expertise and support of a lawyer can help you determine if your case has merit from the perspective of an industry professional.

7. Do you have photos?

Evidence can often help to prove your case. Whether it’s the area where a slip and fall occurred or the bite from a dog, cases that have photo evidence may have more merit than those without.

9. Are you at fault?

If there is a chance that you are at fault for the incident or dispute, the validity of your case or claim may be affected. If you are not at fault, there is a greater chance that your case has merit.

8. Do you have information for the other party involved?

There are always two sides to one story. If you were bitten by a dog or fell on someone’s property, the validity of your claim depends greatly on the information of the other party involved. If the other party cannot be contacted, the case will often be left at a standstill.

10. Has your lifestyle been affected?

Have you or your family members experienced pain and suffering? Did you have to find a different job, sell your home, spend less time with your children, or not enjoy your life as you would have prior to this incident or dispute? If your lifestyle has been negatively impacted by this incident or dispute, your claim or case may have validity.

So many Ontarians do not seek justice because they assume that they won’t succeed. Even if this is true, the support and guidance of a lawyer may help you to make a more justified and confident decision before you move forward. The worst a lawyer can say is “no”, after all.

Ontario lawyers are banding together to provide citizens with the information they deserve. If you are the victim of a personal injury accident or dispute, here are some signs that your case might have merit.


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